Set Your Small Business Website Goals

Annmarie Gustafson designs a website, beginning with setting goals.

It’s January and the tradition is to set New Year’s Resolutions, but I haven’t done that for years now and here’s why you should consider stopping too. What I encourage you to do instead is to set goals, both for your small business and for yourself. While you should set year-long goals and projections like, […]

Create Your Course Videos in Zoom

Create Your Couse Videos in Zoom with or without a green screen

You’re ready to start recording your course videos, but you’re not quite sure how to get started. It’s helpful to use a tool you’re already familiar with, for ease. And it’s also nice not to have to pay for another pieces of software or equipment. These days, almost all of us are using Zoom for […]

My Answer to Steve Jobs’s Black Turtleneck

Woman looking through capsule wardrobe hanging on rack

It’s widely known that Apple’s founder, Steve Jobs, had a signature style, or uniform if you will, of a black turtleneck and jeans. While Jobs definitely considered it as part of his branding, he also chose to sport that black turtleneck as a way eliminate the need for deciding what to wear every day.

Revealing the Secret Weapon in my Small Business Toolkit

Small Business Toolkit Secret Weapon

The Small Business Toolkit needs to be full of economical and efficient resources. As a small business owner, if you make an investment of time and money, you’re looking for the biggest return on investment possible. Everybody has different tools they need, our brains work differently, our teams work differently, so that isn’t always a […]

Build a Better Business Toolkit

What tools do I need to build my business? That answer, of course, will vary depending on your type of business, the size or your business, and your industry. But for today, let’s start with some of the basics that you’ll need in your business toolkit. Email Marketing Platform You’ll commonly hear this referred to […]

Sample Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Sample Holiday Gift Guide 2020, Small Business Owner Edition

What does a holiday gift guide look like? What should I include? The possibilities are endless and there is no one right answer. I’ve put a sample holiday gift guide together to give you some inspiration. Spreading holiday cheer and supporting other small business is my mission with this Holiday Gift Guide. Featuring fellow small […]

Prep Your Email List for the Holidays

Prep Your Email List for the holidays from

If your products aren’t time-specific, meaning you’ll be selling the same products regardless of the time of year, you may still consider offering some special sales or promotions surrounding the holidays. For more ideas on how to handle holiday promotions, especially when you’re short on time, check out this post. Regardless of what promotions or […]

Is Your Small Business Ready for Holiday Promotions?

Small Business Holiday Promotions

If you’ve reached October, and you haven’t planned out your holiday promotions for your small business yet, are you too late? No! But imagine if you had reached October and your holiday promotions were already photographed and scheduled to post to your website, social media, and email list. How would that feel?

Is Your Small Business Website Missing These Pages?

Is Your Small Business Website Missing These Pages?

Chances are your small business website has the basics. A homepage, of course, and probably an “About” page and “Contact” page, but there are some pages that may or may not come standard with your website. Make sure you’re not missing out on some significant opportunities to help build a connection with your clients or leads.