The Best WordPress Themes for Small Businesses

Did you decide you could DIY a website for your small business? You probably found that was one of the best platforms to build on. You heard it could be done, and even though some said it wasn’t easy, you didn’t let that stop you.

You dove it and got started, only to find yourself overwhelmed in the first hour. Don’t despair! Breaking the components of building a website down, one at a time, will help you get out from under the overwhelmed feeling and find a way forward.

Choosing a theme for your WordPress website comes near the beginning. You’ve chosen a domain name, hosting plan, and then you’re ready for a WordPress theme. But how do you know which one is the best WordPress theme for your small business?

What is a WordPress theme anyway?

It might help to start with the basics. A WordPress theme is like a template to build you site on. It will come pre-designed with the technical code and CSS that may leave you thinking I’m speaking another language. Don’t worry about that part; you just want to take into consideration the elements of the WordPress theme. Each theme will have a layout, which will include menu, fonts, and colors.

You’ll often be able to replace placeholder images with your own, and replace filler text with compelling copy that you’ve artfully created.

Let’s take a look at one of my favorite themes, Neve.

Best WordPress Themes - Neve

It’s also important to look for a footer, the bottom where you’ll link to your privacy policy and terms and conditions. Not every theme will have one, or an easily editable one. Look for only WordPress themes that do!

Best WordPress Themes - Neve Footer

If you look closely, you may notice this website was built using the Neve theme, but then completely customized. You can start with a base theme and change just about everything, but it’s nice to build on a solid foundation.

Free vs Premium

You can choose to use a free theme, or pay for a premium theme. Premium themes typically have more options for customization and come with support. Many free themes are actually starter plans for a premium theme. You can get started with the free plan and pay more to upgrade when you’re ready to make some more changes.

In my opinion, the best WordPress themes for small businesses are those that start off free and can be upgraded overtime as you business and budget grow.

What features make for the best WordPress themes?

It will depend on the specific needs for your business. If you website will be an e-commerce site, you’ll want to make sure the theme will work with your shop. If you’re going to be posting blogs or articles on your website, you’ll want to find a theme that offers customization for post layouts. For any site, you’ll want to make sure the theme is responsive, meaning it works well on both desktop and mobile. And it doesn’t hurt to have a theme that comes optimized for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), even if that term scares you or doesn’t make any sense.

  • Responsive across Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet
  • Optimized for SEO
  • Editable Footer (as mentioned above)
  • Layout Customization for Blog Posts or Articles
  • Compatible with WooCommerce or your shop, for e-commerce sites

Best WordPress Themes for Small Businesses

In your WordPress dashboard, click on Appearance > Themes > Add New Theme, and you’ll find these options and more for your website

  1. Neve
  2. Astra
  3. GeneratePress
  4. PageBuilder Framework

These are all great WordPress themes to get started with. When you’re ready to customize or build out your site, you’ve build on a great foundation. If you’re still struggling with getting your WordPress website setup for your small business, book a free 30 website consultation call.

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