Custom Web Design for Small Businesses

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Custom Web Design Services
for Small Businesses

Are you ready for it?

A WordPress Website built to convert cold leads to loyal customers.

You’re embarrassed to give out your URL when a potential client asks if you have a website. Your website is a hodgepodge of scrappy offers and cropped selfies that you’re hoping might pass as professional enough to bring in a few clients.

It doesn't have to be that way.

Custom Web Design by Annmarie Gustafson, web design mockup on computer on white desk with home office decor
You need A professional website, designed with your clients in mind...

With clear (and clever) marketing, and a solid brand foundation in place, you can have a custom website designed to take customers on a journey from “Hello” to “take my money”. You just need to partner with the right person to make it happen.

and I Can Help.

I’m Annmarie Gustafson, marketing-based Web Designer and Email Marketing Specialist. I have a background in Marketing, Small Business Management, Entrepreneurship. My life changed when I decided to finally invest in myself, and grow my business. I know that you can have that success for yourself, if you stop holding out on yourself and commit to doing the thing you that you are uniquely gifted to do. 

Though we’d like to think we can, none of us can ever do it all on our own, and I’m here to partner with you on this tech stuff. When you work with me, you’ll have the tools to curate a beautiful, cohesive brand, confidently master your marketing message, and put it all together with a custom WordPress website that converts cold leads into the your biggest, raving fans. 

Building a High-Converting website is about more than pretty pictures. An Engaging website requires planning and research.

A functional website is an essential part of a successful business. If you want to look professional and optimize your customers’ experience, you need custom web design to help you attract the ideal audience.

Here's how we do it

Week One


Design Interview

We’ll begin the collaborative process by starting with a 60 minute virtual call. We’ll discuss your brand’s mission and vision, aesthetics and brand guidelines, and most importantly, your website goals. We’ll decide what functionality your website needs whether that’s integrating with a calendar, a shopping cart, or a course and membership site.

Wireframe Creation

Using the information from our initial call, I’ll design a wireframe (a simple blueprint) for your website. We’ll solidify layouts of each of your pages and decide what content we’ll need for each one. Your homework begins with creating and collecting all of the additional content you’ll need for your website and beyond.

Week Two


Weeks Three - Seven


Build & Review

The excitement amps up here as the build on your WordPress website gets underway. You’ll upload your provided website images to the Client Portal, collaborate on the written copy for your pages, and see the website start to take shape. You’ll also have an opportunity to make revisions to the content before we press that launch button.


It’s time to pop the champagne and celebrate! The process ends with the launch of your sparkling new website. Share it with your adoring fans on all your social media channels and via email. Your lead magnet will be a great way to get new subscribers on your list.



Now Booking for Fall 2021

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Your Custom WordPress website also includes:

Conversion Strategy

With my background in Marketing, I don't just design pretty websites. Your custom web design project will come with a plan to engage and convert web traffic.

Foundational SEO

SEO is a complex matter with many different factors, but your website will be setup with a basic foundation of SEO with a user-friendly and automated plugin.

Email Marketing Integration

If you're not growing your email list, you're not effectively using your website. Your website will integrate with the email marketing platform of your choice.

Google Analytics

You need a Google Analytics account so you can track page views, bounce rate, and more. Tracking your metrics is key to your marketing strategy.

Google Search Console Connection

How does Google know to index your site? You have to tell it. You can also use your account to research what is actually bringing people to your site.

Video Tutorials for Maintenance

With the help of customized video tutorials, you can take control of your own updates so you don't have to pay a designer for every little nip and tuck.


Most frequently questions and answers
A standard custom web design package includes:
  • Homepage
  • Services Page
  • About Page
  • Contact Page
    • Contact Form
  • Blog or Gallery Archives
    • Single Blog Post Template
  • Thank You Page

Included in your website package is:
  • Branding Development including color palette and typography
  • Clarity Call for Branding Messaging
  • Copywriting Support for Website Content

Your investment starts at $5,000.

We will determine the scope of your project before beginning. If you would like to add e-commerce or membership functionality, or additional pages, please indicate this on your application. You will receive a custom quote. Please note, this does not include the cost of hosting your website. You will be responsible for the cost of hosting and maintaining your website and domain (URL). I will provide recommendations for good hosting providers, but the choice will ultimately be up to you.

You will be responsible for providing the photos for your website. You will need approximately 3-5 images per page (licensed to you for use on your website).

You will be given recommendations for photographs based on your website’s design. You will want to book a session with a photographer after you’ve been given the branding guidelines.

You will also need a solid idea of your offerings:
  • A complete list of your services or products
  • A lead magnet or opt-in
If you need help brainstorming, creating, or designing your initial offers please schedule a marketing session before applying for a website.

The process is the same whether you’re starting from scratch or redesigning an existing site. (You can count on me for a complete redesign if your current site is less than impressive!) If available, we will take a look at your analytics and metrics to determine what is currently working and what isn’t.

Make sure to read the above questions to ensure you have everything necessary to get started. If not, please schedule a marketing session, so we can get everything together first. 

Please fill out this application start. After submitting your application, you will receive details on your next step.