Sample Holiday Gift Guide 2020, Small Business Owner Edition

What does a holiday gift guide look like? What should I include? The possibilities are endless and there is no one right answer. I’ve put a sample holiday gift guide together to give you some inspiration.

Spreading holiday cheer and supporting other small business is my mission with this Holiday Gift Guide. Featuring fellow small businesses, I’m sharing some resources for you to find the perfect gift. Whether it be a gift for clients, friends, family, or even yourself, you’ll find something inside this guide that has proven to help me grow my own small business this year.

This PDF was designed using Canva. If you’re sharing a virtual guide like this, make sure you’re adding links to the products or services featured. It must be save and shared as a PDF in order for your links to work.

Make Your Holiday Gift Guide a Flipbook

If you know me, you know I love a good flipbook. I’ve shared before how to make a flipbook using only your iPhone. Those flipbooks are ideal for videos or GIFS, but if you have a holiday gift guide, you’ll want your readers to be able to flip the pages at their own pace.

Enter your new best friend, FlipBook PDF. Both free and fast, every small business owners dream, this website will let you upload your PDF to convert it to a flipbook.

As you can see above, you can embed the flipbook right into a blog post, share the link, and even download it. You’ll notice when browsing the pages above, you can’t click the link. But you can click the PDF button which will open the PDF, and allow viewers to click the links.

Pretty neat, huh? Consider this resource my holiday gift to you!

I’d love if you’d share a link to your own holiday gift guide in the comments below.

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