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Annmarie Gustafson

As a small business owner myself, I know the struggles you face when trying to build a brand from the ground up. You don’t have time to waste and you need your investments to go as far as possible. Over the last decade, I have researched the most cost effective marketing methods and learned some of the best bootstrapping techniques. In addition to my small business marketing services, I strive to educate entrepreneurs on accessible resources to help them streamline the marketing process.

I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing with an emphasis on Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship. Throughout the years, I have enjoyed working with numerous small businesses and non-profits, helping them get exposure and gain momentum. Working with start-ups and “solopreneurs” truly excites me, as I get to help people turn their dreams into a reality!

Always a Computer Geek

Educating entrepreneurs on technology, software, and digital platforms is both my business and my hobby. I realize not everyone gets as excited as I do about these techy things, so I came up with a solution.

If you just want someone to handle those pesky tasks that make you want to pull your hair out or smash your keyboard to bits, I can help. But as another way of helping (Enneagram 2 here 🙋‍♀️) I have also compiled lots of resources for motivated and tech-savvy DIYers.