Time Blocking for Boss Moms: How to Do #allthethings

Time Blocking for Boss Moms

Starting a business, by yourself, from scratch is hard. Add in taking care of your kids and all of the things that go along with running your home, and you’re already so overwhelmed that it’s hard to get started. And even once you finally do convince yourself that you can do #allthethings, it’s inevitable that […]

Stop Bad Habits, Start Good Habits: The Journey to Achieving Your Goals

Stop Bad Habits Start Good Habits

For some of us small business owners, our motivation may still be going strong at this point in the year. For others of us, we may have already run out of energy or been derailed by any number of distractions. Either way, in order to reach your goal, don’t stop. If you’re graciously chugging along: […]

Why Choose a “Word of the Year” for Your Small Business?

Desk with painting and planning supplies, choosing my word of the year

Do you pick a “word of the year” each year? Have you ever heard of that before? It’s been about four years since I first heard and adopted the idea of choosing a word for the year to set my intentions and remain focused. Looking back, I’m not sure I could even tell you my […]

Why You Should Stop Making New Year’s Resolutions

Stop Making New Year's Resolutions

Looking back on New Year’s past, I’d make the same resolutions over and over again. They were always your typical resolutions; the ones you see topping the lists of many year after year. “Get organized. Lose weight. Exercise more. Make a budget (and stick to it). Finish what you start.” Eventually, I become disheartened after […]