3 Tools for Creating Social Media Visuals

Small Business Marketing for Startups and Non-Profits

Your social media strategy isn’t complete without visuals. We’ve already covered the basics of social media, how to create a content calendar, and how to schedule your posts, but there’s another significant piece to this puzzle. You’re going to need to make your social media presence both visually appealing, and cohesive. The type of graphics […]

Scheduling Tools for Social Media – Small Business Edition

Small Business Marketing for Startups and Non-Profits

There are an overwhelming amount of social media scheduling tools available, so it’s easy to find yourself confused, stressed out, and paralyzed by indecision. Here’s the thing, these tools are supposed to make your life easier, not harder. While you can definitely start a free trial with as many as you like, don’t forget each […]

Create Your Content Calendar with Ease, for Free

Create Your Content Calendar

Content Calendar Templates have started popping up for sale all over these days. I have seen so many in my Facebook feed, and sometimes, I’m even tempted to buy one myself. The price is usually pretty low and the claims are usually too good to be true! But the problem with buying a template is, […]

Boosting a Facebook Post vs. Running a Facebook Ad

Boosting a Facebook Post vs Running a Facebook Ad

Let me start off by saying, I don’t offer Facebook Ads as part of my services. I am not a Facebook Ads expert at all and would suggest before you decide to start running your own, you consult with someone who is an expert. If you’re convinced you’re going to try it out on your […]

Hashtag Help for Your Small Business (#HashtagHelp)


Do hashtags have you confused? Are you overwhelmed at the mention of them? Take a deep breath and don’t worry, because today you’re going to figure out what the heck they are, how to use them, and why they’re an important part of your social media marketing strategy. What is a Hashtag? How is it […]