4 Steps to Brand Success

4 Steps to Brand Success

This month, the posts have been focused on building and crafting your business and brand. If you missed any of the previous entries, you’ll find them linked within this post. While this information can standalone, you may find it helpful to go back to the first entry of the series, Branding for Your Small Business: […]

First Things First: Why We Talk Branding before Marketing

Branding before Marketing

“I need a website,” she tells me. I ask the usual questions. I ask what her business is, what she envisions for her website, and what functions it will need to be able to perform. And then I casually ask, “Do you have a logo?” This conversation can now go a few different directions. Let’s […]

Small Business Branding Tips: And Why It’s Not About You

Small Business Branding Tips

Branding your small business is about more than creating a logo. In fact, there are many Elements of a Brand that people tend to ignore and insist they will figure out…eventually. Trust me though, if you don’t get really clear on your mission and vision from the start, you’re not going to be able to […]

Branding for Small Business: Elements of a Brand

Branding for Small Business

When I say “branding” what comes to mind first? Do you think of a specific company, maybe their logo? Do you think of a cattle ranch and hot iron? Well, you’re right either way. “Branding” is what comes to mind when you think of a word or a name. We want to think of it […]