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Taking A Page from Steve Jobs’s Book

Last week I revealed the secret weapon in my small business toolkit, and now this week I’m letting you in on another secret. This one helps me be more productive both personally and professionally, especially as someone who works from home. And it’s also stealing a page from Steve Jobs’s book.

It’s widely known that Apple’s founder, Steve Jobs, had a signature style, or uniform if you will, of a black turtleneck and jeans. While Jobs definitely considered it as part of his branding, he also chose to sport that black turtleneck as a way to eliminate the need for deciding what to wear every single day.

As business owners and innovators, we only have so much mental bandwidth available each day and choosing what to wear, which can sometimes be one of the first decisions we make in day, can often times come with lots of emotions.

It’s not just about heading into your closet and feeling like you have nothing to wear, or feeling bored with the choices. It also evokes feelings and memories. How do those clothes make me feel? I wore that on a special day. Those are tight now because I’ve gained weight. I’m so frustrated with myself. I should go to the gym. Why did I buy that anyway? What a waste of money…and you see how quickly a simple, seemingly menial task can spiral into a mentally draining dilemma before breakfast.

So What’s the Answer? A Black Turtleneck and Jeans?

If you want, sure. Why not? It worked for Steve Jobs. But if you get tired of wearing the same of thing day in and day out, that might not be the solution. Also, because it is known as Steve Jobs’s signature style, people may think you’re just copying him and being unoriginal. Plus, there was that HBO Documentary “The Inventor” about Elizabeth Holmes and how she replicated the black turtleneck look and that didn’t end as well. (Watch it, if you haven’t!)

So I went searching for the answer. How about a stylist who will give me a calendar with what to wear each day? It eliminates the need of having to make any decisions if I don’t want to, but it also gives me the option to change my mind at the last second. I just need the clothes to be casual enough for a work-from-home mom of young kids, but with some options to dress it up for some business meetings or special occasions.

But having a personal stylist on speed dial can cost a pretty penny. And when I asked my 7 year old daughter to pick out my clothes, she went straight for the formal wear. So who will pick out my clothes for me if I don’t want to wear a black turtleneck and jeans everyday?

My Little Secret (Is Not So Secret Anymore)

Enter Outfit Formulas. This was the answer to all my problems. The calendar with stylish outfits to wear, with a nightly email reminder of what to wear the next day. Talk about not having to give it much thought!

Each season, I get a categorized shopping list with what pieces will be styled. The emphasis is on closet staple pieces, so you can shop from your closet as much as possible, without having to buy a new wardrobe every year. While you do get a list of links to shop for suggested items if you need the help, you can always substitute with items from your closet, or items you find secondhand. It’s NOT all about fast fashion, or spending lots of money.

The Outfit Formulas are designed to fit every body type and every budget. Because you’re shopping for your own items, you also get to put your own personal spin on it. There are suggestions for dressing an outfit formula up or down, to whatever suits your needs for that day. This capsule wardrobe list is also a true complete capsule, with shoe and accessories, and you don’t need anything else from outside to complete it.

Look, I know this many sound a little strange or even frivolous, but it truly has had a positive impact on me. I actually buy less clothes overall than I did before participating in the seasonal challenges (saving money). I have a monthly printable of what outfits to wear, plus a nightly reminder email during active challenges (saving time and brain power). And even in these days of the pandemic and not leaving the house, on the days when I do get dressed (I’m not perfect) I am much more motivated and productive, and you’ll hear that this is an actual phenomenon that happens when you get dressed each morning.

So I’m sharing my little secret with you, because I’m always bringing you information on how to save time and money and increase productivity, so how could I not share the tool that can help you accomplish all three?!

Join me for the 2020 Winter Capsule Wardrobe style challenge and put a little pep back into your step for the remainder of the year, and also start off 2021 strong and motivated. And while this Winter Wardrobe is for women’s clothing, there’s still a Menswear Closet Staples Wardrobe for all the wonderful men out there.

What does it include?

Your purchase of the 2020 Winter Capsule Wardrobe includes a categories shopping list, with all the items that will be styled over the new two months. This one round of the style change for one month, starting December 14th, and then a second round with the same outfits for the second month. You’ll get a printable calendar for each round.

Sounds expensive!

The cost is actually very reasonable, at $39. You’ll get a pdf of the itemized shopping list, a pdf of the daily outfits, and two printable calendars. Plus access to the FB Group only for Winter members. And because you can shop the items from your closet, you’ll be getting a better cost per wear for your already owned items. And not having to decide what to wear while still looking good? #worthit

What if I have more questions?

There is an extensive FAQ section on the Outfit Formulas website. Just check them out at the bottom of the page.

What do you think? Will you try a Capsule Wardrobe this season? Will you sport a black turtleneck and jeans?

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