Woman holding a mug of coffee, teaching a course using Zoom on her laptop.

You’re ready to start recording your course videos, but you’re not quite sure how to get started. It’s helpful to use a tool you’re already familiar with, for ease. And it’s also nice not to have to pay for another pieces of software or equipment.

These days, almost all of us are using Zoom for something, whether it’s personal, professional, or both. With it’s generous free plan, you can do a lot. Whether you realize it or not, one of those things is actually creating your course videos.

You likely already know that you can offer live courses using the Zoom platform, and you already know that you can record those classes to use and re-purpose later. But did you realize, you don’t even need any meeting attendees to start recording your call.

Just start a new meeting, and press record, and you’ve already begun to create your course video. While it truly is that simple, there are a few tips that will help create better quality videos.

There are also some settings that you may need to play around with in order to make sure you’re video recording has ALL the components that you were hoping for. For example: if you want to screenshare, but you still want your pretty little face to show, you’ll have to change some of the settings in your Zoom profile.

You can also take advantage of some of the tools like virtual backgrounds or the beta test option for projecting your PowerPoint on a green screen behind you. Additionally, Zoom now has filters you can add to change the appearance of your videos, saving you the trouble of having to add those in post-production. But with all those fun features, I still advise giving everything a test run before recording your entire video, only to find out you were on mute.

And while some of the features seem like fun, make sure they aren’t a distraction to your potential students. If half of your head disappears when you turn a certain direct due to your virtual background, it would make more sense to clear a temporary space somewhere in your house where you can have a nice background. (And if you truly just don’t have ANY spot that will work – though I’m sure you can come up with something – consider renting a space or and AirBnB for day. Grab your gear and record everything at once.)

Now that you’re ready to start creating your course videos in Zoom, check out the tutorial below for more tips and tricks, and check out some of those setting options in action. Bonus: There’s another resource for you in the video, but you’ll have to watch to find out what it is.

Do you have any other tools that you use for creating your course videos? List them in the comments below.

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