You may find Sharon Fox of DS Fox Company listed as a Business Coach, but she’s really a Jill of all trades. Sharon’s podcast, “What the Fox! Empowerment for Women” has a different theme for each day of the week, but it all centers around confidence, clarity and goal setting for busy women. When Sharon asked if I wanted to be a guest on the show, I was thrilled to be able to share some thoughts about running a business while parenting.

As a small business marketing specialist, I’ve primarily worked with entrepreneurs in various stages of parenting, trying to run their business while maintaining some order in their home lives. There are some days when things just seem to all be working like a well-oiled machine and there are some days when things just seem to be falling apart. Most days, we’re putting our heads down and trying to make it through another day.

As a fellow hardworking parent, running a business, Sharon gets it too. I feel like we could have talked all day about what it’s like running a business while trying to stay on top of everything that comes at us, like pandemics, recessions, illnesses, and more. When all is said and done, family comes first.

Listen in below and you’ll gain some insights on content creation, time-blocking, and more.

Content Creation

Sharon and I started off by talking a bit about content creation, but if you’re interested in learning more about how I create my own content calendar, check out this post for details. In this podcast episode, we took it even further by using some concrete examples and also talked about re-purposing or cycling content. You’ll want to tune in for that.


Yes, I talked about time-blocking again! It really is the most important tool I use for trying to run a business while parenting and juggling it all. If you’re not familiar with time-blocking, you can learn about how to get started here.

My Key Takeaways

Sharon said something during our conversation that I hope you’ll hear. Parenting is not an easy journey. Running a business is not an easy journey. Trying to do both at the same time may feel impossible some days. If your priority is to your family unit first, it’s okay if you’re not able to start by putting 40 hours in to your business every week. You don’t have to let that stop you.

“It is okay that it takes you a little bit longer to make the money you are wanting to make from your business.”

– Sharon Fox, DS Fox Company – What the Fox! Empowerment for Women Podcast

Additionally, to build on what Sharon said, I added a few words of wisdom.

  • Give yourself grace.
  • Learn to say no (prioritize).
  • You are capable of great things. Have the courage to pursue your passions.

Have you taken that first step in pursuing your passions? Let me know in the comments below. As always, know that I’m here to support you on your journey.

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