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Put a festive flair on your holiday content this year and enjoy higher engagement and more conversions for your small business. This post features some simple, but effective ways to promote your business that your customers will really notice. From your website, to email, to advertisements, and social media, sprinkle in some festive fun with these holiday content ideas!

Send GIFS, not Gifts


Add some spice to your email campaigns this season with some cheery GIFs. Besides just being fun, these little looped clips can convey your message and evoke emotions quickly and easily. You can find a library of pre-made GIFs from Giphy or you could create a custom, branded one yourself in a program like Canva.

Tip for my fellow MailerLite users: It couldn’t be easier to add Giphy GIFs into your emails. When creating your email, insert an image block. Click to select an image and you will be taken to the file manager. Inside the file manager, next to your big orange “Upload Image” button, click on the arrow. Just select Giphy from the dropdown menu and you’re on your way.

You can, of course, use GIFS on your social media accounts as well, but remember that Instagram turns actual GIFs into static images. You’ll need to convert it to a .mp4 file first. Again, you could modify it and make it your own in Canva first, and then export it as both a .gif and .mp4 file.

Or do what I did, and embed one right on your website. It’s the GIF that keeps on giving.

Mail Holiday Cards

It’s up to you if you want to send cards for Thanksgiving to tell your clients or customers you’re grateful for them, or send a New Year’s card to remind them to visit you again the the new year. You can choose to send these cards virtually, or add an extra personal touch by sending physical cards in the mail. Many businesses leave physical marketing collateral out of their strategy, so think about how adding this small gesture can make your holiday content really stand out from the competition!

You could add a re-cap of your business over the past year, or if you’re feeling extra generous, a limited time offer or discount code. It’s a great way to send company updates and help your customers keep you top of mind. Include some pictures of your business behind the scenes or special events from earlier in the year.

Create a Holiday Gift Guide

Whether you’re a product-based or service-based business, this can work for you with a little bit of creativity. Choose some of your best-sellers from the year and create a PDF guide to gift giving. Add categories like, “Best Teacher Gifts” or “Best Virtual Gifts” or “Social Distance Approved Gifts.”

You don’t have to create a full catalog of products, just round up some of the best and the best to share with your email list, or on your website.

Alternately, you could produce a guide that compliments your services or products. You could feature products or programs that you’re an affiliate for, and you could collaborate with other small businesses and feature their products.

Host a Virtual Holiday Event

The holidays likely will look a little different this year. Shoppers may be opting to stay home and shop online more than ever before. Don’t just entice them with shopping on your website, make it more engaging. Host a holiday event!

It’s a virtual shopping party. Add a element of surprise with a giveaway or donate a portion of the proceeds from the event to a local charity. You could also team up and host it with other small business that compliments yours. This way, you’ll all be able to expand your reach to a larger audience, too.

The possibilities are really endless with this idea. You can host the event for freer or charge admission to get exclusive deals or first access. You can host it as a party where all the guests can interact and see each other on a platform such as Zoom, or go live from a social media account like Facebook or Instagram.

The more fun you have creating and celebrating your party, the more fun it will be for your guests!

Update Your Website with Holiday Content

Don’t be afraid to add a little sparkle to your website, just as you would a physical store. You can add additional shop categories like “Gifts for Him” or “Gifts for Her” to your page. The featured images could be holiday themed or inspired.

You could also update your thank you page with some holiday photos, testimonials from happy customers or gift recipients. It’s also another chance to feature that best-seller or small offer that you may have. Or use that as a place to deliver your virtual holiday card. For more on thank you pages, check out this post.

If you share content to your website, like a blog or podcast, it’s also a great time to add in some valuable tips pertaining to the holiday season and how it applies to your small business.

How will you spice up your content this year? Share in the comments below.

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