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If your products aren’t time-specific, meaning you’ll be selling the same products regardless of the time of year, you may still consider offering some special sales or promotions surrounding the holidays. For more ideas on how to handle holiday promotions, especially when you’re short on time, check out this post.

Regardless of what promotions or products you’ll be offering for the holiday season, you should invest time into getting your email list in tip-top shape in order to maximize it’s full selling potential. Ideally, you’ve been growing and properly maintaining your email list throughout the year. Realistically, it might need little TLC.

How to Tune Up Your Email List

1. Clean it Up

You should never pay for subscribers who don’t want to be on your list. Go in and clean up all the inactive subscribers. Create a segment based on interactions. If you have people who never or rarely open your emails, try sending one final email. Put something in the subject line so they know they’ll be removed from the list or that you won’t be emailing them anymore. They can always re-subscribe in the future, but if they aren’t going to read your emails, there’s no point having them on your list. Deleted long-unconfirmed emails and emails that bounce, too.

2. Re-Engage

If it’s been so long since you’ve sent a email marketing campaign that you can’t even remember how to login to your account, create a sequence to re-engage your subscribers. You can start with a special offer, like a freebie or coupon, send a single video update or a series. The most important thing is to train them to expect and open your emails. Planning a sequence ahead of time allows you to be consistent.

3. Segment, Group, & Tag

Again, this is helpful to put into place BEFORE each campaign. Track how and where people sign up, or what purchases they made. If you didn’t set up automations earlier in the year to allow you to understand your customers better, you can still take some time to manually make some edits. Admittedly, this will be tedious, but you can still do it in batches. And it will definitely inspire you re-vamp the automations and integrations portion of your email marketing strategy going forward. (It will save you hours!)

4. Grow Your List

This time of year is the perfect opportunity to continue to grow your list. You can offer simple discounts or a coupon code, a pdf resource with links to all the best gift ideas (linking to your own products or using affiliate links), or create a special holiday offer only for people on your email list. All of these things can be used to entice people to hand over their email address in exchange for the goods. Using an embedded form or pop-up on your website, or even a simple landing page, you can encourage people to sign up. For more help on setting this up, check out this post on setting up your lead magnet or this one on creating free landing pages.

5. Refresh Sequences and Automations

If you don’t have any sequences or automations in place…what are you waiting for? You should always have a few things in place.

  • A confirmation email, which people must click to confirm their subscription. This keeps your complaint and your list cleaner.
  • A delivery email, which is an email the receive after signing up that contains the freebie, discount, or what resource you enticed them with. Each oft-in or lead magnet needs its own delivery email.
  • Finally, everyone should have a welcome sequence which triggers only the first time someone new subscribes. In this sequence, you want to give them an idea of what to expect for you, including how often they should expect to see your name pop into their inbox.

If you don’t have all those things in place, start there. If you do, give them all a onceover and re-vamp some of the content and copy. This is your chance to shine and create a raving fan. Then you can start added additional sequences for holiday promotions, and even get really specific with emails based on past purchases or behavior.

It’s important to keep your subscribers engaged and happy throughout the year. They will be bombarded with so many sales and promotions email starting in October, and you don’t want to be just another person with a holiday offering. You want them to know to look for, and open, you emails each week. You want them to look forward to them. So make sure to make your email contents all about your customer and not about you and your sales.

If you weren’t great this year with consistently sending out valuable content, forgive yourself, and make sure that come January 1st, you’re ready to go with consistent, helpful content regularly delivered to your customers via email.

Is your email list ready for the holidays?

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