The Small Business Toolkit needs to be full of economical and efficient resources. As a small business owner, if you make an investment of time and money, you’re looking for the biggest return on investment possible. Everybody has different tools they need, our brains work differently, our teams work differently, so that isn’t always a one-size-fits all tool. So what’s an entrepreneur to do?

Let me introduce you to my secret weapon. It’s not software, rather, a software marketplace. With limited time deals and often lifetime offers, you can search for the tools that you need in your small business.

With categories such as Client Management, Ecommerce, Design, Productivity, Social Media, and so much more, you’ll find a plethora of tools to invest it. Keep in mind, that these are often limited time deals, so they come and go. They are a revolving website of goodness.

If you’re worried that you have to act fast on the limited time deals, don’t be. One of my favorite features is their easy, money back guarantee. You can actually test your new purchases, and if you find that they aren’t working for you, that’s right, you can return it, hassle-free.

While all this may sound too good to be true, often times, it isn’t. But every now and again, because the software and programs offered are sometimes new companies or new products still in the development phase, there can be kinks. And a lifetime deal is the lifetime of the product, not your lifetime, so how long that span will be is never really known…but you’re a small business owner, so I’m sure you’re familiar with a little risk. For the price deals on some of these, it’s easily worth taking the chance.

Before I make the big reveal, let me share some words of caution. There are so many good deals, it can be addicting. Don’t fall trap to being a software hoarder, or buying tools you don’t need in the hopes of someday putting. Unless you know you’ll use it, admire the deal and let it go, another one is bound to come around eventually. (Oh, and if you do fall victim, know you’re in good company.)

Now for the big reveal: My secret weapon in my Small Business Toolkit is AppSumo.

My little software testing, loving heart is full. And so is my small business toolkit.

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