't Forget to Say Thank You

While it’s polite to remember your manners and tell everyone “thank you” after they sign up for your emails, it’s about more than common niceties. When you remember to tell your new subscribers “thank you” you’re actually helping them move through the customer journey. You’re telling them want to do next.

You already know how to set up your landing page, and gone even further by setting up a lead magnet to be delivered, but if you’ve only said “thank you” with a success message, you still have some work to do.

Let’s look at the steps. You set up your landing page or embed a subscribe form on your website. Or maybe it’s a pop-up, it doesn’t matter the place that they are going to sign-up, it’s only important that they do sign up.

Now someone has seen your lead magnet that you shared on one of your Social Media accounts or perhaps they discovered while they were already on your website. They decide that they definitely need to add your freebie to their growing collection. They enter their name and email, and any other details you have requested.

(Hint: The less information you ask for, the more likely people will be to sign up. Think about it: if someone asks for your birthday, how likely are you to give up that information? If you don’t need it, don’t ask.)

This person entered their details and now they click, “Give Me the Thing”. After that, you’ve probably setup a success message or success page to display thanking them. Make sure you’ve given them clear directions in this step. If they need to go to their inbox and confirm their subscription to get your email, tell them to do so.

I don’t recommend giving them a direct link to their freebie in this step, especially if you have double opt-in turned on through your Email Marketing Platform. If they need to confirm their subscription to receive further emails from you, but they already got what they wanted, they aren’t likely to to go back and confirm email. If they don’t confirm their email, even though they may have been added to your list, they won’t actually get any subsequent emails you send. And most platforms don’t offer the option to resend their confirmation email, so typically these people just get stuck in limbo.

After your success page has thanked them, and directed them back to their email to go confirm their subscription in order to get that freebie you promised, they click that link in their email. Here’s where you want to re-direct them. Most Email Marketing Platforms will offer a standard template that says, “Thanks for confirming your subscription,” or some variant of that. But what you can do instead is select, in your Email Marketing Provider, to re-direct them to a thank you page after they have confirmed their subscription.

If you don’t have a website yet, remember, all of this is possible to do without one. Stick with me here.

Re-directing your new subscriber to a thank you page is not just thanking them for confirming, though we are thankful for that! It’s another opportunity to get them to act. The question will be, what do you want them to do next?

5 ideas for Your Thank You Page

1. Ask them to join your Facebook Group or connect with you on Social Media

This is an excellent option if you don’t yet have a website or if you’re just trying to grow your following on Social Media platforms. If you ask them to do this, and they connect with you, please take the time to start forming an actual relationship with them as much as possible. Your goal is to nurture your new lead. Often when they may be finding you for the first time, they may want more time to get to know, like, and trust you before making a purchase or working with you

2. Ask them to Share your Lead Magnet on their Social Media

If your friend recommends a lead magnet that they found useful, you will be more curious to check it out than if some stranger is promoting something they’ve created. Word-of-mouth Marketing is one of the most powerful tools out there. On the thank you page, include Social Share buttons that will share, not the thank you page, but the opt-in page for the lead magnet they just received. This will help drive even more subscribers to your list. (This is when having a dedicated landing page for your lead magnet is very helpful. Send them directly to the landing page so they don’t have to search your website for an embedded link within a page.)

3. Take them to your leader…I mean website

People are distracted so easily. It’s very possible that your lead magnet process actually took this new subscriber away from your website as they headed to their email to go get it right then and there. Draw them back in to your website. From the thank you page, direct them back to something interesting. Perhaps offer them some featured blog posts, or featured items that might entice them back to your shop if you have one.

You can achieve this by using a double opt-in approach. Send the new subscriber a confirmation email, which they have to click to confirm subscription to your list. On the successful confirmation, redirect them to a thank you page on your website which contains links to more resources or suggested products.

4. Ask them to Book a Call or Schedule an Appointment

If this your goal is to get them on the phone or to talk with them 1:1, add a button to have them book a call with you on the thank you page. Send them to your scheduling tool and let the automation do all the work for you. Often, this approach is a bit to harder to convert, but you know your business and your customer’s journey the best, so if you feel like it will work for you, go for it!

5. Make Them an Offer They Can’t Refuse

Or at least offer them a limited-time or one-time discount. This is the perfect time to add a countdown timer to increase their sense of urgency. Tell them thank you for taking valuable time out of their day to explore (and hopefully share) your lead magnet. As a way to re-pay them, you’re going to give them a special deal. Maybe it’s a discount on a course, a product, or a ticket to an upcoming event. This works best when it’s a low-priced item to begin with or if you give a considerable discount.

And that is how your use your free lead magnet to go farther than just bringing in a new person to the email list. It’s a second opportunity to make a connection with a potential customer, whether that translates to a sale or puts them another step closer to working with you.

Here’s my example of a thank you page. How do you say thank you? Please share in the comments below.

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