MailerLite Lead Magnet Tutorial - How to Make it All Work Together

A lead magnet, also known as an opt-in, is a great way to start building your email list. Once you’ve created your lead magnet, and you have your email marketing platform all set up, you’re likely to find yourself stuck with the challenging task of making everything work together.

This combination blog post and video tutorial will give you the confidence to set up your lead magnet using MailerLite. You don’t need to know complicated web design or coding. You don’t need to hire anybody to help you figure out this tech stuff. You’ll be using a simple drag and drop editor for this. Putting the pieces together is actually quite easy using MailerLite’s free landing pages.

What You’ll Need for this Tutorial

  • Lead Magnet – PDF or Video that you’ve created to share with your new subscribers
  • Cloud Storage – Like GoogleDrive or Dropbox, which will allow you to share the link to your resource
  • MailerLite Account

For your lead magnet, you’ll want to offer something that is a great first step in the customer’s journey. What’s something helpful or valuable that you can provide to potential buyers that may put them one step closer to working with you or buying your products in the future?

This MailerLite Lead Magnet example will done be using a PDF as the freebie, but it will work for just about any type of content, as long as you get the shareable link from the place where it is hosted. You’ll need to have your already created lead magnet, stored and hosted. I like to use Google Drive or Dropbox since both are great free options for those just starting out.

You’ll also need a MailerLite account, which you can get started with for free. (They have one of the best free plans I’ve ever encountered when it comes to email marketing, complete with a generous amount of contacts and emails per month, in addition to automations and pop up options.)

After you’ve got your sharable link for your lead magnet, and your MailerLite account ready, just follow along with this video below. It may seem intimidating, but take some deep breaths and be patient, by the end of this video, you’ll have an email list building, landing page that you built yourself, ready to help you share your lead magnet with the world!

Watch the video below for detailed MailerLite Lead Magnet set up

Begin Video Transcript

Let’s get started using MailerLite to set up your opt in or lead magnet without needing your own separate website. You will need to have a PDF of whatever your freebie or opt in is. And have it hosted on a different site; you could use Google Drive or Dropbox.

Both have free options. I have uploaded my PDF to Google Drive. So now that we’ve got that situated, let’s go ahead and get started. We’re going to to go Go up to the top and click on “sites”. We’re going to go up to the right corner on the orange button and click “create landing page”. Now we need to give it a name, so I’m just going to call it lead magnet and no one’s going to see this but you then click, save and continue.

You’ll need to select a subscriber group to add them to you can add another one that’s named the same thing as your lead magnet if you want to add people specifically to that group. I’m just going to add everyone to the main general group for now. And I’m going to click, save and continue. And now I’m brought to the template page and I am going to choose a template to get started with for our landing page. I think I’ll use this book promotion number two and I will choose select the gray button.

All right, now we’re able to edit our landing page, so let’s click this gray pencil here at the top and now we can edit this top block that we’re in. This here is their logo. So I’m going to go ahead and delete their logo. This is like the Miller Lite logo. You can delete that or click change. And then I’m just going to select my logo and added in. And I will leave the subscribe for more content button, what that’s going to do is anchor us and bring us to where it says subscribe to subscribe for down below.

I’m going to edit some of this out, I think, but I’ll leave that for now. Now we can change the settings. This part will remain at the top when we. Scroll down if we choose to, once it’s active, we can change the button color, maybe I want to change it to one of my brand colors. Here we go. So I’ve just clicked on that and typed in my hex code. You can see you have you can change the font so you can change.

Size. You can change spacing, if the corners are more round. I’m just going to leave it as is for now. All right, moving along now, I really like the look of this block. And if you scroll down here, they have the subscribe option.

So that you can subscribe for more content. And now this one, what they’re doing is having you download it without getting their email in return. We don’t want people to just download our freebie and then go we want to get their email first and in return, we’ll give them the freebie.

So what I want to do is actually modify this a little bit. And so I’m going to look over here on the right hand side and I want to add. A sign up form, I’m just clicking and dragging it in place. And so you can see it looks similar. It keeps all the formatting the same. But what I want to do is click the pencil to edit. I’m going to add the image of the freebie that I have. So this is an image of my freebie that I want to give.

And. We can enter headings just like over here, we can say, I’ll say a word, Chris. And then I can tell them in the text box what it is they’re getting from me or give them a little more description. I’m just going to align this in the center by clicking on that, and then you see here it has just the email. Button. So what I want to actually do is click on Form in the center and I want to add a field, I’d like to at least get their first name.

It’s going to have them give me their name and their email. And I’ll change I’m going back to the content and I’m going to go down and change the button text to say. Get it now. And I will go to settings. And I’m going to make that button the same color as my button above.

I’m going to make it. I made the button the same color, but I want to make the hover. Another color as well. So that’s one of my other fun or my other brand colors that I’ll use if I wanted to change the color of the heading, I could click on that. I could change the color of the heading. I could change the color of the text.

Can change the look of the text. I’ll just leave that for now. That’s all in setting. I’m going back to content and I’m looking at the button action. And so you can take it to the success page, which is up here at the top. We haven’t done it yet or you can have it redirect to and this would be to a you know, you could have it redirect right to the you are of your PDF. That would be one way to do it.

So if I go over to my Google Drive and get my PDF, this is the PDF I’m going to give them. I’m going to go up to the top right corner of more actions and I’m going to click “share”.

And I’m going to actually click to get a link. I’m going to copy the link. And I’m going to pasted in here. And so when they click it, they’re subscribing to my email list and they’re going to be redirected. To that PDF, the other option is to have them go to the success page and you could say you did it. Thank you. You’ll receive the copy of whatever is soon in your inbox so you can encourage them to go to their inbox.

And if you did that, you would have to set up an automation to have it go to their inbox. And we will do that. But let’s go back to the landing page first and just pretend we’re going to have the redirect. So when they click get it now, it’s going to take them. Directly to your PDF, and they’ve subscribed using their name and email. Make sure you click on Save. So I’m going to go ahead and delete this block, because we’ve just kind of replicated it and I will take this one out, too.

Now, you could leave this in and make this. About you change the picture, so I click delete. I’m going to click change. Just had a picture about myself. So as I’m editing this block, I just realizing that this block has one of those built-In buttons, which you can’t. Remove. So you would want this to link to something, and since I don’t want it to link to another landing page or a pop up or a different link off of this page, I’m actually just going to go ahead and delete this lock.

As well. Because I don’t feel like playing around with that, I’m going to delete these just because I’m trying to make this really fast and simple.

This placeholder section is saying it won’t be visible in preview mode, that’s fine. So here’s subscribe to more content. I mean, this is kind of redundant on this page because we’re saying subscribe for more content. You’re subscribing to get that and then subscribe here below. It’s pretty redundant, so we don’t really need that.

So take off. These extra blocks, you can have testimonials if you have some. I’ll take off the testimonials for this, this is just a quick little landing page, you don’t want a lot of content. All you want them to come and do is get their freebie from you, get their email address and have them be on their way, because this is not a website.

You can say, OK, this freebees compatible with all of these devices. This is just the landing page template, of course, I’m just going to leave that. I’ll take this off. We don’t need that. And then we’ve got the little nice social bar below. You can put your Facebook page. Don’t forget, click on the pencil to edit. Don’t forget to delete and browse to add your own. Logo. And then you can make sure that you have.

The Facebook, make sure you have your Facebook page in there, you can add Instagram, Snapchat.

You can add YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter. You can add any of those, you would just put your your page in there. Make sure you click save. You will see this powered by Mulally at the bottom on this free plan. But that’s OK. So now we could save and publish. If we just wanted to do it this way, of course, again, I didn’t add any of these things, but over here on the right hand side, you have all of these different options if you wanted to make it look different and customize it.

I’m just making this very simple. I could even make it more simple and take this out. And that button out top really doesn’t make any sense. So I can change, go into settings and change this to just a local and social icons. You don’t need the call to action button. But now we have multiple social buttons. I’ll take these off the bottom. I’m just clicking delete the little garbage can, I’ll take those off the bottom and just leave them at the top.

If if you wanted to hear it’s the same thing, you could delete them from the top and leave them on the bottom and you can add extra social links if you wanted to. Click save, and now we’ve just got a quick little simple landing page, so you could save and publish that, they would get it now and they would be taken to the link to your Google Drive documents, your PDF, or what we can do is go back and edit this.

And we can say take us to the success page, click save on that, and now I’m going up to the top and I’ll click success page. This is what they’ll get after they click. Get it now, after they click that button to subscribe, they’ll get this. We can edit it. I’ll just say. You got it. Thank you. You’ll receive your font menu. And then I’ll go to Satins. I’m just going to change the color of that heading.

Click, save, save again. You could add anything here if you wanted to see it’s got the footer there down below. You could add your Instagram feed, you felt like it. So you’d have to connect your Instagram to embed it in there that I’m not going to do right now for times sake.

So if you do this, though, the way you have it set up right now, they are not getting. The PDF. So you can just click save as draft. For now, we’ll change this to font menu. We can’t change the rest of the domain on the free plan, but we could make this a little more easy to type in. If you wanted to add a favor icon, you need to upgrade your plan. You can give this a page title so you can name it the name of your freebie.

It had key words. Make sure you separate with commas, you can add a page description, can check allows two to allow the search engines to index this page so Google can crawl it and they can find you social share. This would be the name that appears on when you share this page to Facebook or Twitter. I’m just going to copy and paste actually from the first section. You can add the description for the social share, which could be the same as what you had on your page, you can select an image.

I’ll just choose the image that we’ve used for freebie that that’s going to be what shows up on Facebook and Twitter.

And you can. If you have Google Analytics, you can enter your Google analytics. Account number here, if you know your Facebook pixel, you can enter that here as well, or you could disable tracking for visitors if you wanted to. I’m just going to click, save and continue. OK, now we can preview or publish, if you are ready to go, go ahead and publish, especially if you just had them redirect to the P.D.A hit publish and you’re good to go.

If you had them go to the success page, you’ll need to do another step.

Here is a look of what it would look like on a desktop. You can see the freebie they type in their name and their email address, and they could get it now. You can also toggle to mobile and see what it would look like on a phone.

Same sort of thing. Looks good, so I’m going to go up to the X in the corner and close out of that. All right, so if you’ve had them redirect to the PDF, go ahead and just hit publish, if you had them go to the success page, you’ll need to do another step in order to set up the emails to have them go to people automatically when they sign up for your freebie.

We’re going to need to add an automation. So go ahead and. Navigate to automation on the top of the menu bar. We’re going to hit “create workflow” in the top right corner. We’ll give this a name. You can call it lead magnet. OK, now we need to select a trigger when a subscriber joins a group, completes a form, when they click a link.

So when the subscriber so I’m going to choose one subscriber completes a form and then I’m going to choose the form, which will be. Our lead magnet landing page, you could check this to have it reactivates. If they subscribe and they get the email and then they delete it for whatever reason and try to subscribe again, they can get it. If you uncheck this, they won’t be able to get the email again. They’ll only get your PDF once.

So you can go ahead and check it. It’s just telling you here that they won’t be reactivated more than once per day, though. So if they get it in one day and delete it and try again, they won’t be able to get it. So just click save at the bottom. And now you’re going to click on the plus sign to start your workflow. So you’re going to add a next step to your workflow and we’re going to add an email, so click email.

You’ll need to give the email a subject or a name, you’ll want them to know that it’s their freebie lead magnet that they’ve asked you to deliver.

You wanted to insert a little smiley you could. A little emoji or you could also insert their name because you’ve collected that. So you could say, here’s your menu name. If you have Google Analytics, you’ll want to check that and now you’ll need to go design your email, so click that button. I’m going to just do the drag and drop Ed for now. So this is just the template that. You’ll automatically get but you’ll want to, of course, do all the changes to change your logo.

Change your heading. You change it to the picture that you had on there if you want to. You can write an introduction. Now, what you’re going to want to do is click the edit pencil for this button. And this is where you can say, get it now. This is where you’re going to put the link to your PDA from Google Drive. So I’m going to go to Google Drive. Copy that link. Paste that in here.

And save. You can go back and change. Settings on the button. No. Click button settings. It’s going to change that to my. Color, I’m going to delete the survey block, you could change that if you wanted to. You’ll have your standard footer in there, you click done editing. Now, you see, when a subscriber completes the lead that they’re going to get. This email containing. The link to the Google Drive PDF, so make sure you click save.

When you’re done, you’ll want to make sure to turn your workflow on here at the top on the right. Make sure the green is on if you ever need to edit it. You do have to turn it off. You can also add more things. You could say. You can add a delay. And wait. Two days. Then you could add another email that you wanted to write after they’ve get it, you know, and follow up with them, then delete that.

You can also add conditions or actions to this group. So if you wanted them, you could copy them to another group or move them to a group after they received that email. I’m going to take that off. But so you have delivered it here. Make sure you click on and now you are all set up to have your free be delivered with your free landing page. Make sure you go back to sites and you want to click publish to make sure that you publish your page if you haven’t already.

Now you can click preview. And you can see up at the top, you can copy your you URL, I’m going to paste and just go to our new landing page so people can enter in their name and email. They’ll type get it now. They’ll be taken to that success page and then they’ll get their email with the freebie unless you’ve had it redirected and they’ll automatically get that PDF and those people will now be added to your subscriber group. Congratulations on growing your email list.

I hope you found this tutorial helpful. Please don’t forget to subscribe for more videos just like this and be sure to let me know what you need help with next in the comments below.

[End Video Transcript]

time to Set Up Your mailerlite lead magnet

Voila! You’ve done it, and now your can replicate this process anytime you want to add another lead magnet to your repertoire and you didn’t need to pay a web designer to help you do it. If do you need additional help or are interested in creating more Landing Pages inside of MailerLite, be sure to check out my other tutorial on How to Create a Landing Page with MailerLite.

When you’re done, please share a link to your new landing page for your MailerLite lead magnet in the comment section below so we can all check it out. I can’t wait to see how you set up your lead magnet using MailerLite.

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