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Chances are your small business website has the basics. A homepage, of course, and probably an “About” page and “Contact” page, but there are some pages that may or may not come standard with your website. Make sure you’re not missing out on some significant opportunities to help build a connection with your clients or leads.

As a web designer, I often see these pages missing on websites done by DIYers, but they are also commonly missing even on professionally designed sites. This is because they are often considered extra pages and don’t come with a standard package. But whether you DIYed your site, or paid a professional, you should check, is your website missing these pages?

If so, I suggest adding them today!

1. Thank You Page

The “thank you” page, also sometimes referred to as a success page, is an often overlooked page. This is a page that can actually be used in several different places. Users are often re-directed to this page. It may appear after they have made a purchase on your site, or it could show up after they have subscribed to your email list.

Often times, you’ll email marketing platform will offer a default “success” message after someone has successfully signed up for your email list, but you can take it a step further and send the user to a custom URL. Your URL should be a “thank you” page where you tell customers what they should do next. You can also link to resources within your own website to keep them back on your website for more and longer sessions. Or you can encourage them to connect with you on your social media accounts.

The “thank you” page is such an easy chance to offer your leads or clients another Call to Action. It can be simple and easy to implement and it’s something that is definitely under utilized in most small business websites. Check out this post for more ideas (and a sample) for your “thank you” page.

2. Tripwire Page

Now a “tripwire” page could actually be used as a “thank you” page as described above. A tripwire is generally your lowest price offering, or a special limited time discount. It is something that is designed for your leads or customers to take fast action. This product or service should be an entry point for your customer.

It’s the prefect next step of your marketing funnel. After someone opt-ins in to receive your freebie, you show them the next step for them. What’s a low-ticket thing that you can offer them, that puts them closer to you next product, or moves them closer to working with you in that 1:1 capacity?

Your tripwire page should be a short-form sales page. While it doesn’t have to have all the nitty-gritty details, you’ll still want to let your prospects know what benefits or results they can expect from the product or service. Your sales pages should be your best stand-in salesperson when you can’t be there. When you create this page, imagine you’re talking directly to one person that may be interested in your product or service, and sell it to them!

3. Opt-in Landing Page

Yes, it’s fine to embed your freebie opt-in offer on your homepage. Yes, it’s great to have it as a strategically designed popup, as well. But don’t think that’s it stops there. Your opt-ins need very special attention if you expect them to do the hard work of growing your email list for you.

Give your lead magnet their own dedicated landing page. The landing page should have a simple URL that can be easily typed by the average internet user (i.e. most everybody). You want to have this unique URL to share on your social media channels or include in emails. Put this individual link in your Instagram bio and watch your list grow! (I still suggest changing this link up.)

The landing page is designed to keep other distractions at bay. A landing page won’t have your typical website header, it’s going to be sleek, with one option. Sign up for your freebie or lead magnet. Don’t offer any other deals or upsells here, just get them on your email list. This is the perfect place to then enact your “thank you” page or “tripwire” page as listed above. Work on putting these two or three pages in place so your website missing these pages is no longer an issue. (And as a bonus, you’re likely to see better conversions too!)

4. Instagram/Link in bio

Okay, you don’t have to have this page on your website. Yes, there are many services, even free ones that offer or Smart.Bio options for adding multiple links to your Instagram bio, since with Instagram, you get only one link to share. (And how you can you choose because you love them all equally?)

Here’s the thing: all of those services are great, but it still takes an additional click to get users onto your website. Since our goal is to get users onto our website, let’s take out that additional step. If you have a website, you can have your very own landing page specifically for your Instagram followers.

You’ll create a custom page, and that will be the link you share in your Instagram bio. And since it’s a custom webpage, the sky is the limit. Just make sure you design it to perform optimally on mobile devices as this is where most people will be viewing it. But also make it look good for desktop, because people can still see it there, too.

If you main goal is to get people to opt-in to your free resource, this is also a great place to add a popup for your lead magnet. Again, you’re looking at better possible conversions here. (You’re welcome.)

5. Compliance Pages

Lastly, your website missing these pages could be a critical misstep. Note: You should consult your lawyer to make sure you’re covering all your bases. The content of your site will change the specifics requirements but in general, these pages are some of the most commonly missing pages on small business websites. You need to have your compliance documents in order on your website. This may include your Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, Cookie Policy, or Accessibility Statement. These pages don’t need to look pretty, they just need the details. I recommend linking them in your footer. There are no good excuses for not taking care of these.

Let me know in the comments below. Is your small business website missing these pages?

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